The 4 morons of the House of Representatives

by adroitetoutemaintenant

The 4 Morons

The 4 Morons

As a neurosurgeon the most difficult part of the brain to suspect as having a problem, such as a tumor, are the frontal lobes. This is because the frontal lobes have very few clinical signs that something is happening. They don’t have signs of paralysis, numbness, or obvious visual defects. Because they are mainly busy with personality, any change is discrete. So, when we do an examination of a patient, we must do some rapid tests to try to pick up troubles we refer to as frontal lobes possible problems.

One of those tests is a memory test whereby we ask a patient to repeat as many words as possible out of a list of ten words we write down for ourselves. On the first try, it is usual that a normal patient repeats at least 4 or more words. We then repeat the list to the patient and the patient tries again.

Normally, after a few repetitions they get to 6 or more words.
If they have a frontal lobe disease, they do not reach those 6 words or more. But another sign appears. Whilst they try to repeat the words, they start repeating the same word many times during each trial and we call it “word intoxication”, a good sign of frontal lobe disease or frontal lobe underdevelopment!

If you listen to the 4 morons of the House of Representatives, namely, AOC, Tlaib, Omar and Pressley, you see straight away this intoxication through the repetitive use of the word RACIST. A clear sign of diseased personalities.

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Jul 22, 2019
Morons diagnosis
by: Anne

Thank you for an exciting diagnosis ! Maybe the same diagnosis extends to the whole left, CNN and MSNBC included. Morons have never been so well defined!!!

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