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Look how he tickles his 
lovers’ strawberry

The strawberry also called delicacy or lollipop, and has a specific anatomy name cannot be named in this page because of my editor’s automatic censure system.

But don’t worry, in my erotic romance nothing is hidden. A cat is a cat and a pussy is a pussy !

Our medical student knows well the pussy’s strawberry and its surroundings !

In this erotic romance, you will discover how our hero gets so many women to enjoy his art.

If the story is a romanticized, it is based on the extended experience of our young man, a medical student.  


In fact, his reputation with older women, nurses he encounters at work, and women he meets elsewhere is so extended that he is often asked to solve their problems. And even if the problem doesn’t appear to be sexual, the problem’s solution is often sexual

His method, always gentle and respectful allows a fantastic perineal approach. His deep anatomical and physiological knowledge leads to extended explorations of these bodies. Bodies that are always superb to him.     

 He puts in such a passion that very few females can resist. 

 You are going to discover his secrets.


As in the Marquis de Sade writings not only you will learn perineal and oral technics but also a special philosophy of life. And it’s funny and non-violent.

Do you know that the strawberry is a huge organ ? Not only it is situated in the front upper part of the pussy but it also occupies the whole anterior wall of the vagina. This is where everyone talks about the famous G point.

Our medical student, with his long experience in his teens with his mother’s friends and his sexual encounters with lesbians has learnt the secrets to satisfy all holes in a woman.

Have you heard about the ano-vaginal membrane, this often forgotten excitable area that can work so well, even in frigids ?

Have you ever seen an ass pulsating like a fish’ mouth looking for air ? No?

So get into this erotic romance and you’ll learn !


In this one erotic romance, your knowledge will extend ten folds. Men or women, your practice will progress.

Moreover, the description is so real, you will have to wank. Men or women, you are going to reach pleasure in your corner by reading this. 

And if you copy the hero or the women he sleeps with, you will become Kings and Queens of sex

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You won’t regret it because your anatomical knowledge will increase as well as the technics to reach pleasure. 

Be it the perineal area of men or women, you’ll discover untold secrets. And this will be without getting into esoteric or dangerous practices. All we need we have it at hand.   

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